8 New Years Resolutions For Your Business

We all make New Year’s resolutions, drink less, eat healthily, get fit etc.

But do you make resolutions for your business? Well you should. Use the New Year as a time to reflect on where your company is going, where you need to make changes and make new goals.

Here are some New Year’s resolutions your business can’t afford to do without.

Remember your why

It can be very easy when you’re in the thick of things to forget why you got started in the first place. When you first started out, what were your goals? Where did you want to be? What sparked that first idea?

Making a point of remembering your why can give you the courage to face the challenges ahead in your business, as well as the inspiration to follow new paths.

Find new friends

Do your friends and family understand the pressures of running a business? Are they even sure what you really do? If they don’t then you could be missing out on support. Networking groups aren’t just for sales pitches and finding new clients. They are great places for support.

Find a networking group where you can talk to like minded people about challenges in your business. Surrounding yourself with people who are already where you want to be will inspire you to move forward. Find a mentor who will encourage you to make plans and goals, as well as holding you accountable for those plans.

If you don’t want to go to a networking group, why not find a business coach or mentor who can help you with difficulties in your business and find ways to move forward.

Cut your losses

Is your company carrying dead weight? Is there an area where things just aren’t working? It can be difficult to make changes when you are doing something you are passionate about. But realising that they are on the wrong path and changing direction is something most successful entrepreneurs have done. It doesn’t mean failure; it means that you are learning. Make the decision to move on or try something different.

Invest in you

When was the last time you took some time out for yourself? It’s easy to become so busy that you don’t have time for the things you were working for. It’s impossible to run a successful business if you are burnt out from overwork. Taking time out to relax and rejuvenate is essential to your wellbeing. You may even come up with fresh ideas to grow your business even more.


Stop trying to do everything yourself. Focus on the things you are good at and delegate the rest. If you don’t have employees to delegate to, outsource work to freelancers.

Learn a new skill

Is there something that you’ve always wanted to learn to do? A skill that you’d love to have? Learning something new will exercise your brain, helping to stave off mental health problems such as stress and depression. It will also help you to think in different ways and may give you new ideas to grow your business.

Update your online presence

Blow the cobwebs off your website and spring clean your social media. A website with out of date or old content looks abandoned. Show the world you’re still in business by keeping your content fresh.  Publicise company events and special offers on your blog and make sure your landing pages are up to date. Don’t spend time on social media platforms that aren’t bringing in customers. Instead, focus on where your customers are and where you get the most engagement. Social media posts can be scheduled in advance, which is a great time saver. But don’t forget to respond when people comment on posts.

Review your goals regularly.

It’s easy to make plans at New Year. We feel relaxed and inspired to take on new challenges. Make a resolution to review your goals every month. This way you will stay on track and be able to review them if you’ve taken on too much. Which goals will you reach by the end of January? How will you get there? What’s next?

Set monthly goals for the next 12 months. What will December 2016 look like?

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