8 New Years Resolutions For Your Business

We all make New Year’s resolutions, drink less, eat healthily, get fit etc. But do you make resolutions for your business? Well you should. Use the New Year as a time to reflect on where your company is going, where you need to make changes and make new goals. Here are some New Year’s resolutions … Read more

This isn’t what I asked for! Resolving conflict between freelancers and clients

  You had some doubts about outsourcing your writing work, but you’re just too busy to do it yourself. So you took the plunge anyway and now things are feeling awkward. For some reason, things aren’t going well and now your project has a feeling of impending doom. Outsourcing work has many benefits, you don’t have … Read more

Contingency Planning For Small Businesses And Solopreneurs

No one likes to think about things going wrong. Negative thinking can lead to worry and stress, and nobody wants that. But it doesn’t have to take a major disaster to knock your business off track, a series of unfortunate or unexpected events can have the same effect. For solopreneurs and small businesses the risks … Read more